Children learn best if they are in a stimulating environment. Through music, games, stories, dramatics and play a child develops friendships
and interests that will take him/her through the elementary years. The school encourages participation in various festivities throughout the

KIDS ‘R’ KIDS School provides a number of activities for all their students. These include :

* Pottery                               * Cartoon Making                                * Indian Classical (Vocal)             
* Skating * Calligraphy * Guitar
* Basketball * Flower Making * Harmonium
* Dance * Baking & Cooking * Casio (Synthesizer)
  * Needle Work * Piano

In addition these activities a student is also required to become an active member of one of these clubs 

during the academic year : 

*  English Club                                  * Eco Club
* Hindi Club * Heritage Club
* Science Club * Peace Club
* Mathemeatics Club * Histrionics ( Drama & Expression) Club
*  Info Tech Club  

A child is expected to take part in at least one activity.

Structured play is scheduled each day in which all children involve themselves in exploring media, dramatic play, music and movement,
games and arts & crafts.