Entertainment, play and freedom go hand-in-hand in forming a happy childhood. In young children, the wonder of discovery is what learning is all about. At KIDS ‘R’ KIDS we believe that a child needs plenty of opportunities to succeed each day.

Each child does not learn the same, nor at the same pace. It is for this reason that child development specialists recommend that experiences must be created for the children in a planned manner rather than focusing on the results of these activities.

The premises and the curriculum are so designed that each child has the opportunity each day for hands-on activities. Teachers help the possibilities unfold, celebrating each child’s pursuits and development through many opportunities.

Learning is facilitated through 
-     An age-appropriate indoor play area, equipped with materials that can be touched and held to enhance learning.
-     An age-appropriate outdoor play area.
-     Audio-visual aids including TVs and interactive projection systems with LAN connectivity to computers in the classrooms. 
-     Special teaching aids in the classrooms with respect to the theme being covered.
-     Centrally air-conditioned campus.
-     Non-toxic finish, age-appropriate, imported furniture.
-     A well-equipped computer room with learning activities promoting computer familiarity at an early age.
-     Trips and excursions related to the theme in class.
-     Filtered water.
-     CCTV monitoring - indoor as well as outdoor.
-     Lift / elevator, ramp for the handicapped.
-     Specially designed classrooms, bathrooms and play areas keeping in view the average height of a child using the
-     Classes are small and there is sensitivity to individual learning styles. Children learn to respect themselves, others
      and the environment.
-     An efficient transport service covering Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula & Zirakhpur is available.