A Note From The Principal
KIDS 'R' KIDS School was established with a view to bringing to the city a school which explored and nurtured the developing learning needs of the young child. In an atmosphere where primary schools had begun to look alike, KIDS ‘R’ KIDS was set up with a view to establish a child-centered institute. Land was allotted to the school in 2002 and construction commenced soon afterwards to raise a building that catered to the specific needs of the child with facilities that would compete with international standards.
I am often asked what I envision for my school. What I see and what we work for everyday is a place where mutual admiration and appreciation between the staff, the children and the families who we are involved with, brings forth a sense of togetherness and belonging, with a desire to create and learn. The way we learn to listen, talk, play, think, negotiate, value and care here will automatically bring about the desired changes in our everyday lives. I see a place where people are listening to and learning from each other, a place where problems are negotiated with reasoning and creativity, a place where individuality is respected.
India is in the global spotlight once again. The information age has made India an emerging economic giant. If the world is moving towards a knowledge-based society, then India will emerge as a great power. I believe that the Indian mind is indomitable when it comes to understanding concepts and in mathematical reasoning. It is most adept at working peacefully and harmoniously even in the most diverse situations. It finds a way to adapt and grow as fast as humanly possible. Where this spirit does not find root is in the methods of instruction it is exposed to, especially in the early years of growth. Creativity has no place in the current schemes of instruction; therefore, we learn to snub those who do not conform to the mould, leaving no room for individual invention and curiosity. It is here that education must bring about change, especially at the primary level, if we are to be producers, manufacturers and leaders in the 21st century.
We have everything that we need that makes this progression towards India’s greatness logical-technology, education, a collective imagination and a history drawing from every possible spiritual and religious tradition. Over thousands of years, we have learned to accept and draw inspiration from various cultures. We’ve learned to exist and make things work for us even in adverse circumstances. Let us bring these facets of our varied culture into our classrooms and make our children leaders in the world, exemplifying the fact that greatness can be achieved with nobility and grace.